Metagenomics Analysis and Visualization

MetaStorm is a web resource designed to analyze metegenomics data using several computational pipelines.

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What is MetaStorm?

MetaStorm is an online tool designed to enhance the user experience for analyzing metagenomics samples. It consists of a set of tools that allow users to personalize the type of analysis using specific reference databases.

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MetaStorm Features

Database customization

Upload your own referece databases to personalize your analysis.

Assembly pipeline

Designed to find and annotate longer sequences (scaffolds) within your samples

Matching pipeline

Pipeline for annontation by using sequence alignment tools.

Taxnomy and Functional annotation

High flexibility for the sample annotation

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MetaStorm is supported by

  • Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech
  • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech
  • Advanced Research Computing (ARC) at Virginia Tech